F A Q s:


Q: Do You Take Commissions??

A: Yes! I take commissions for Friends Along The Way, Places I'd Rather Be, Star Wars, Disney, Muppets or Warner Bros original paintings.

Q: Will you paint my portrait?

A: My artwork is centered around telling stories. For that reason, I prefer to paint scenes over portraits.

Q: Will you paint my child with his dog?

A: Sure! I am happy to paint people and animals in my animated style.

Q: Can you paint BB-8
with my dog?

A: There are guidelines to protect the characters and the films. Licensed characters must remain in their own worlds. If your dog isn't in The Force Awakens, I can't paint her there.

Q: Can I commission a copy of my favorite piece you have painted before?

A: I feel painting duplicates is unfair to the person who owns the original and it touches on ethics. I'm happy to paint something in the vein of your favorite, but not a duplicate.

Q: Will you customize my commission?

A: I'm happy to include personal details.

Q: How much do commissions cost?

A: Cost is determined by size, so you can find the right size to fit to your budget.

Q: How long does a commission take to complete?

A: From the time I receive the purchase order from the gallery where you ordered, turnaround is usually 9-12 months, assuming all details for the commission are provided at that time. Waiting on personlization details to be provided will add time.

Q: Can I come watch you paint my commission?

A: I paint from my home studio, so I don't invite guests. But keep an eye on my social media - I'm always posting videos while I paint, so you might catch yours in progress!

Q: Sounds good. How do I commission?

A: Visit my website to select a gallery. If there's not a gallery located near you, don't worry. Most galleries will accept orders remotely and will ship.