Nick Hadji, the founder of the Outdoor Designer Store, late 2015 approached CoSource, to build a platform to solve challenges, thus the Outdoor Designer
Store (ODS) was born.

Case Study


The challenges

In developing the platform, CoSource faced a number of key challenges:

• Mood-board.
• Reverse Worksheets.

• Designer Portal
• The ordering workflow
• Suppliers Dashboard.
• How to split payments between multiple parties
(suppliers / designers / ods).

CoSource used nopCommerce, as the framework to build the solution on top of as it offered the following benefits:
  • security best practices.
  • custom functionality.
  • multi-vendors support

The three main users of the platform are:
  • Designers (Landscapers)
  • Suppliers
  • Customers

The architecture

To solve these challenges, several existing plugins were used, but the core of the application was implemented with custom plugins and event listeners created by us to enhance and adapt the nopCommerce functionality to meet our needs.

The solution

In order to have products on the platform, we developed the
CoSource.Nop.UniversalImporter plugin to import items from a variety of product data feeds.

Designers needed to update their profile, upload their own products and sell them via the platform, manage their orders (event listeners), customers and worksheet history, payments and commissions (Ods.Nop.LandscaperBrandDiscount).

Designers and clients also needed a space to show their ideas for an outdoor area (Ods.Nop.Core)

The designers’ portal allows the designers to do the following:

Update their profile.
View their orders, customers, and work sheet history.
Upload their own products and sell them via the platform.
List other recommended products from other websites.
Upload images (Create an image library) to use on the mood-board.

Designers Portal

Reverse worksheets allows designers to host a page on their website, to grant their customers
access to the Outdoor Designer Store. The advantage for the designer is that it gives them the ability to earn passive income, as they receive a commission for each order a customer places.

Reverse Worksheets

The platform to date has over 300 registered users on the system, and has been featured in several magazines, press releases and industry events.
nopCommerce, because of its flexible architecture allows us to continuously build new features into the platform, while having the foundation to scale to meet future demand.



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