Billing Application

Online Business Technology

OBT provides customers the ability to outsource their IT infrastructure, and have hosted applications that can be accessed from any computer in the world (Desktop Anywhere).

Due to the many different systems used OBT needed a system built to allow it to bill customers that are provisioned in Cortex, helpdesk support charges in Auto Task, and ad-hoc once off charges.


Online Business Technology

Before the billing application was created, OBT manually invoiced their customers. This process took over 40 man hours per month and was very error prone.
CoSource was commissioned to build a billing system that integrated into Cortex and Auto Task.The system needed the ability to bill customers at different ratesfor each application, pro-rate charges based when a user was created or deleted, and generate both contractual and non-contractual invoices in pdf format.


Online Business Technology

A custom built application was developed inasp.net3.5 over a three tier layered architecture. The application integrated into Cortex through a custom stored procedure that allowed for real time access to the Cortex database.


Technologies Used

Online Business Technology

To generate invoices the process was taken from 40 man hours down to under 1 hour to generate invoices.

Reduced Errors in the invoices, more reliable than the old manual process.

Items that were previously not being billed captured resulting in greater revenue